You started your wedding business to be the boss of your own schedule but between crafting dozens of tweets every day, curating a perfectly styled Instagram grid, and infinitely scrolling through your feed throughout the day, there’s not much time left to do the work you truly care about, the work that inspired you to start your business in the first place.


But with an intentional social media strategy, you could take back control of your business, say goodbye to plateau growth, and build a wedding business that’s purposeful and profitable

  • build your wedding business around your dream lifestyle instead of the other way around
  • end each day feeling like you can step away from your work with ease
  • combat idea overwhelm by focusing only on the projects that matter most to you
  • create an intentional digital marketing plan without breaking the bank



Business coach, social media strategist, professional wedding and boudoir photographer, and Netflix fan.

I remember struggling in the first years of my photography business, trying to stay on top of my marketing efforts while satisfying my brides, vendors, and business team. I spent so much time working in my business that it was hard to find time to work on it. I had to work smarter instead of harder, but where would I start? 

It wasn’t until I took a deep look into how I was utilizing my marketing channels that I realized how many opportunities could be found exclusively on social media and through relationship building. 

After creating a dynamic digital marketing plan and intentionally implementing each strategy, I’ve had more high-end brides inquiring about my availability, more press features in well-known wedding publications, and increased my referral rate ten fold. 

Thanks to my effective online marketing strategy, automated social media post schedulers, and realistic project timelines, I’m now able to get back to what matters most: spending quality time with my son, working with clients who truly value my work, and carving out more time for myself. And I want the same for you.





Through my one-on-one wedding brand coaching packages, I’ll help you clearly define what your brand’s purpose and brand’s core values are, who your dream client is, and where they can be found so you can create stronger, deeper relationships with them. 

We’ll also analyze which social media strategies are working and which can be improved on while addressing how to bring more of your unique voice into your website, blog, email list, social media presence, and more. 

You’ll walk away from our coaching sessions with a renewed sense of confidence in yourself and your business, reassurance on how to effectively market your wedding business, and the gumption to make it happen

Love the sound of that? Let’s get started!


have a consistent flow of dream bride inquiries without having to discount or lower your prices


be choosy about which weddings you want to book so each couple is a perfect fit


have high-end, well-paying couples asking about your availability instead of your pricing


focus on bigger-picture projects so you don’t get bogged down in day-to-day tasks

book your wedding calendar well into next year instead of only the next month


fine-tune your packages so you get more quality testimonials and referrals


Momentum Package

for budding wedding professionals who struggle with building a memorable, authentic brand in a saturated industry while wanting to stay true to themselves (no static growth here!) who would like to gain direction and confidence by working with an experienced coach. 


What you’ll gain from our coaching sessions:

  • understanding of your brand vision and core values to build a strong brand foundation 
  • knowing how to blend your passion, purpose, and personality into your wedding brand 
  • understanding of who your ideal bride is and how to better connect with them
  • more confidence in your voice to help you step out and speak up on social media 

What’s included in the Momentum coaching package:

  • 2 hr one-on-one video call with an audio recording
  • Worksheet packet prior to our video call
  • All recorded notes from our video call 
  • Access to our private mastermind Facebook group of all coaching clients


Interested in learning more about the Momentum Package, availability, and payment plans?

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Thriving Package

for established wedding business owners who want to revisit their marketing plan and set tailored business goals with guidance from a strategic partner and coach.


What you’ll gain from our coaching sessions:

  • a marketing plan that works for you, not against you
  • understanding of how to turn social media conversations to higher conversions 
  • higher engagement from your ideal couples on social media 
  • understanding of how to set intentional timelines for upcoming product or service launches

What’s included in the Thriving coaching package:

  • (4) 90 min one-on-one video call with audio recordings
  • Email support during our one month partnership
  • Worksheet packet prior to our video call
  • Personalized social media marketing plan for your next quarter of business
  • Access to our private mastermind Facebook group of all coaching clients


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Abundance package

for luxury wedding brands who want to consistently book more high-end brides and increase referrals by creating a results-driven digital marketing strategy with an experienced partner.


What you’ll gain from our coaching sessions:

  • solidifying your brand messaging to attract more high-end, dream couples
  • knowing how to confidently raise your prices so you can stop living job-to-job
  • analysis of your current marketing efforts and how they can be improved
  • actionable goal setting and personalized strategies for each marketing channel 

What’s included in the Abundance coaching package:

  • (12) 90 min one-on-one video calls with audio recordings
  • Email support during our 3 month partnership
  • Comprehensive digital marketing plan for your next year of business
  • Direct access to my Instagram course and community, Capture Your Instagram 
  • Access to our private mastermind Facebook group of all coaching clients


Interested in learning more about the Abundance Package, availability, and payment plans? 

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Custom Luxe Package

for wedding professionals who struggle with creating systems and processes for their business and are eager to learn how to automate and grow their business through partnering with an experienced entrepreneur in the wedding industry. 

If you need guidance beyond social media and digital marketing, we can build a custom coaching package to trim what you don’t need so we can deep dive into what you do need.


Some of the topics we can cover during our coaching calls:

  • pricing your packages with your ideal client in mind
  • positioning yourself as an expert for various press opportunities 
  • the art of pitching and exactly what brands look for
  • keeping track of your finances including expenses and income
  • the essentials of collaborating with other wedding vendors and relationship building 
  • growing your internal team of employees during business growth periods
  • documenting all of your daily processes to train new employees
  • sending invoices, contracts, and other documents to your clients
  • crafting a full business plan that sets the tone for the year
  • ...and more!